Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Replacement Covers for NuTone Light, Vent & Heat Switches [with labels]

If you're updating a bathroom and want to replace your dingy old NuTone light, vent and heat covers, we'll show you how.

Here are three examples of NuTone switches & covers commonly found in bathrooms:

1. Vent, Heat, Light & Night Light:

This nickel NuTone cover fits over 4 horizontal toggle switches that control the bathroom fan, lights and overhead heater.

Black imprinting labels each of the 4 switch functions.

Note that there are different switches shown in plate #1 and plate #2 above. The white switches in example 1 are larger than the ivory switches in example 2.

Example 1's switches are horizontal toggles and fit the same switch plate opening as a duplex outlet for 2 plugs. Learn more about horizontal toggle covers in our post here.

You can buy new covers for 4 horizontal toggles without labels printed on them. Choose from a variety of other finishes or get stainless steel to keep the same look as the original cover.

Note: this is the same cover that is used for electrical outlets.

To add labels to the switches, get adhesive NuTone switch labels and stick them to the plain cover plate.

NuTune switch labels are available in antique silver to match stainless steel plates, but also come in antique brass and can be added to covers in any finish.

The small metal rectangle labels are 3/8" high x 1/2" wide and come with a strong adhesive backing. Simply peel and stick to any wall plate.

This bathroom went through a recent update and the new switches & cover look great:

2. Double-Gang Vent & Heat:

Example #2 is a NuTone HS-94S with 2 stacked switches on the left (labeled VENT & HEAT), and a standard toggle light switch on the right.

Horizontal Toggles & Standard Toggle Light Switches

A replacement plate with no printed labels looks like this:

Vent and heat labels can be added to replacement covers.

3. Single-Gang Light, Vent, Heat:

Example #3 is a NuTone system with 3 stacked switches labeled LIGHT, VENT & HEAT.

These 3 small switches (despard switches) are sold individually and installed in a metal mounting bracket.

NuTone switches like these fit triple despard cover plates.

Since these replacement covers don't have labels, adhesive ones can be added to identify which switch does what.

One option, is to get these NuTone switch vent & heat labels, and stick them to the side of each switch. (These are the same stick-on labels from example one, but in the brass finish.)

Satin brass cover shown with ivory switches and antique brass labels.

Another option is to add this peel-and-stick label for NuTone switches. Which is what this homeowner chose when doing renovations to a basement bathroom.

You can add light switch labels to the left or right of despard style switches.

4. Light Vent Heat (2-Gang Scovill)

Here are the NuTone Scovill switches without the cover:

Note that the switches are in a large square metal strap with 4 screws holding it into the junction box. The screw holes for attaching the cover plate are in the center of the left and right edges of the mounting strap.

If you only need to replace the cover, you get this NuTone Scovill Light Vent Heat Switch Cover.

You can see that the cover (available in ivory and white) doesn't label the switches. You can adhere these light vent heat switch labels to the front of the new plate. Or, create your own method for labeling them.

If you need to replace the switches (despard switches like these), you'll mount them in new metal straps, and the cover plate will be slightly different.

Below, you can see the new despard switch straps hold switches for a single gang, or single slot in the junction box.

The cover plate screws into these straps at the very top and bottom:

You'll mount the switch on the right in the center of the strap, rather than up at the top. You'll need this new cover plate if updating your switches and straps.
This cover is available in stainless steel (shown), polished chrome, white, ivory, satin brass & black. Kyle Switch Plate's light vent heat labels for NuTone covers can be added either above or below each switch.

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