Friday, January 8, 2016

Guide to Light Dimmers & Dimmer Switch Plates

Dimmer switches are great as they offer a way to control the amount of light in the room as well as save on energy costs. Whether you're looking to add new dimmer switches to your home or you've done some remodeling or redecorating and you want to update your light switches to match, there are a variety of dimmer switch styles to choose from.

Dimmers with or without On/Off Switches

One of the most notable differences between dimmer types is whether they have an on/off switch or not. If the dimmer has an off/off switch, you can leave the dimmer pre-set to a specific level, then just toggle the switch on and off. That's ideal if you don't plan to adjust the dimness of your lighting very often and don't want to fuss with adjust it each time you turn on the lights.

In my own home, I generally have the lights either on full blast or off. For that reason, I have dimmers without off/on switches - I just push the slider all the way up when I enter the room and all the way down when I leave. Then, on the rare occasion I choose to dim the lights, I slide it to the right spot.

Dimmer Styles & Finishes

As you can see, there are a number of types of dimmers. Light dimmers come as rocker, slide, rotary and toggle. Choose the look and style that fits your home, or that fits the type of switch plate opening you are trying to fill.

One thing to note is that not all styles are available in every color or finish.

Here are the other options available for each finish:

White Dimmers:

All dimmer types are available in a white finish.

Black Dimmer Switches:

There are also a good variety of dimmers to choose from in black.

Brown Dimmer Styles:

The only style you won't find in brown is the slide dimmer without the on/off switch.

Gray Dimmers:

If you're looking for gray toggle dimmers, you won't find any. But, you can get a gray rotary dimmer which fits the same opening as a toggle switch, or select a clear toggle dimmer as shown here:

Shop affordable dimmers in all finishes at Kyle Switch Plates.

Coordinating Switch Plates for Dimmers

Dimmer switch plates are easy to find - rocker and slide dimmers fit decora rocker plate openings, and the rotary and toggle dimmers fit toggle plates. These very common plate openings can be found in a variety of combination switch plates here.

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