Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Protect Your Walls & Paint with Switch Plate Expanders

Standard switch plates don't cover a large portion of the wall around your switches and electrical devices. Over time, fumbling for the switch either in the dark or while not looking can lead to a lot of fingerprints or paint chips around your cover plates. Especially if you have children.

In high traffic areas of your home, office, school or day care, you can protect your walls with switch plate expanders.

 2-Gang Switch Plate Expander for Wall

Wall plate expanders are easy-to-install white metal plates that sit between your switch plate and the wall. They can be used with any switch plate - toggle, Decora rocker, outlet and combination. Above, we show a 6" x 6" 2-gang expander plate sitting under a combo rocker outlet cover.

Extra Wall Protection for 1-, 2- and 3-Gang Electrical Boxes

Protective expanders are available for single, double and triple gang electrical boxes. Use with your current plates or buy new white metal plates for an exact color match.

Click the images below to shop Kyle Switch Plates' expanders and find fewer fingerprints and less dirt on the walls around your cover plates.

1-Gang Switchplate Expanders:
6" high by 4" wide - place underneath any single switch plate or outlet cover.

 1 Gang Switchplate Expanders 4x6"

2-Gang Wall Plate Expanders:
6" x 6" square plate fits 2-gang electrical boxes. For use with any 2-gang cover plate.

 2 Gang Wall Plate Expanders

3-Gang Expanders:
8" wide by 6" tall back plate for triple gang electrical box. Use with any configuration of triple plate.
 3 Gang Cover Plate Expanders

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