Friday, April 25, 2014

3 Convenient Yet Unconventional Places to Add an Electrical Outlet

You buy the perfect table and accessorize with great pieces including that trendy lamp you've been eyeing for months. The only glitch is that now you have to run a hideous cord about 6' down the wall to plug it in.

You're sipping coffee on your couch on a Saturday morning, happily pinning away when your laptop or tablet battery gets critically low. Of course the charging cable won't reach the nearest electrical outlet (why are these cords always so short?) which means you have to pull out an extension cord to continue your lazy morning. Annoying!

You decorate your fireplace mantle with a gorgeous lighted holiday garland only to be distracted for the next month by the ugly green cord stretched awkwardly across the wall.

Any of these sound familiar?

Some well-placed electrical outlets can really simplify things and leave you with the aesthetic appeal you're looking for. Floor box outlets with fancy covers and twist-on caps for when they're not in use are the perfect solution.

3 Places to Add a Floor Box Electrical Outlet in Your Home

1. Underneath your couch or table

I have an outlet directly underneath my couch along with some spare computer and phone chargers. They don't create an eye-sore but they're there when I need them. Another great place is underneath an accent table. Then, you can use a variety of techniques like this easy one to hide your lamp cord.

2. On your fireplace mantle

Add an outlet to the side or top of your mantle and it will change your world. It's great for lighted Thanksgiving or Christmas garlands but you'll most likely find it handy throughout the rest of the year as well.

3. On your headboard

Imagine the convenience of an outlet right there when you're lounging in bed. If you use your smart phone, reading tablet or laptop between the sheets, chances are you need a convenient place to plug in. In my bedroom, the nearest outlet powers my nightstand lamp, alarm clock and phone charger leaving no space for my bulky computer charger. Make using electronics in bed simple with a conveniently placed floor box electrical outlet installed right into your headboard.

Now you know - floor box electrical outlets aren't just for floors. You can add one virtually anywhere you need power. The icing on the cupcake is that they're available in attractive nickel and brass finishes and come with round caps to cover the ugly devices when they're not in use.

Shop floor mounted electrical outlets at Kyle Switch Plates to find the perfect power supply solution for your lifestyle.