Friday, June 12, 2015

Replacement Parts for Old School Low Voltage Light Switches

We've heard a lot of terms used when referring to low voltage lighting systems. But our favorite is when callers describe their outdated light switches as "old school."

Do you have some old school light switches and cover plates in your home? There's a variety of older, outdated systems out there. So, to clear things up, here are the most popular lighting systems used in the United States in the early 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Once you identify the system you have, we can direct you to the proper replacement parts.

Despard Style Switches

If your toggle style light switches go sideways and are stacked 3 high in a single switch plate, or if you have low voltage trigger switches by Sierra, then you have Despard switches. You might even have some Despard style outlets as well.

These switches and electrical outlets are all sold separately and sit in metal straps or brackets. They may say "Sierra" or "Leviton" on them.

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GE Low Voltage Lighting

If your home has low voltage lighting, you might have these old fashioned GE light switches, which were discontinued years ago.

The good news is, GE does manufacture replacement switches, cover plates, relays and other parts.

You can learn more here: GE Low Voltage Replacement Parts Guide

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Bryant Light Switches

If your old style switch was made by Bryant, you will replace old parts with new GE low voltage lighting here.

Remcon Lighting Parts

Remcon was commonly installed during the 1950's and 1960's in U.S. homes. Most everything from this system has been discontinued and you won't find original replacement parts for a Remcon system, with the exception of new Remcon relays sold here.

If you need new Remcon brand light switches or cover plates, you can swap out your old switches with the newer up-to-date Touch Plate system.

Note that with Touch Plate, you'll have 2 buttons ("on" and "off") that replace each of your old Remcon switches. To replace an old plate with 3 Remcon switches, you will need a Touch Plate unit with 6 buttons - "on" and "off" for each old switch.

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Pyramid parts were discontinued in the 80's, and the replacements for Pyramid parts are Remcon relays and Touch-Plate light switches.

New Pyramid cover plates like the one shown cannot be purchased. If you need a new plate you will have to replace the switches as well (with Touch Plate).

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More Information On Low Volt Lighting:

For more info about old style light switches and currently manufactured replacement parts, see Kyle Switch Plate's Comprehensive Low Voltage Lighting Guide.