Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Simple Solutions for Replacing an Unusual Light Switch Cover

If you need to replace an old wall plate and you're having difficulty finding one that's the right configuration, there are a few simple ways to solve your problem.

First, check out our wide selection of combination cover plates to see if we carry the one you need. (Keep in mind, plates can be rotated to reverse the order of the openings.)

Solution #1: Update Your Electrical Devices

The more devices you have that share a plate, the trickier it can be to find a cover. Especially if the devices all require different shaped cutouts.

This cover that has an outlet in between two rocker devices, is a rare plate that is only available in a singe finish.

Updating the duplex style outlet to a rectangular receptacle will result in all 3 devices using the same size cutout. If the center device is a horizontal toggle switch, you can update to a stacked rocker switch and get the same result.

Simply swapping out the center device (as shown above) results in the need for a triple rocker plate - a very common size available in many finishes.

Often times, updating 1 or more of your devices is the easiest solution when you can't find the cover plate you need.

Solution #2: Re-Arrange Your Electrical Devices

You can also change the position of your devices. This doesn't require any re-wiring and is super simple to do. All you need is a screwdriver.

Moving the duplex outlet from the center position to one side results in a more common configuration that will be easier to find and is available in more finishes.

If you're having trouble finding the right cover and you don't want to put in new devices, re-arranging the ones you have can be a great solution.

Shop combo plates to see if this solution will work for you.

Solution #3: Use Inserts to Build a Custom Configuration

Inserts fit into rocker openings and allow you to keep your devices the same.

Use inserts to convert a rocker opening to cover a toggle switch (shown below), a duplex outlet, cable or phone jacks, data ports or even to fill in as a "blank" if there's no device.

Shop conversion inserts & learn more about this solution at Kyle Switch Plates.