Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Prevent Broken Outlet Covers with Metal Switch Plates

If you've ever taken a switch plate off the wall - say, when painting the room - and overtightened the screws when you put it back on, you know how fragile plastic covers can be.

It's so frustrating when they crack!


And apparently, there are other ways to break plastic outlet covers:

How did this happen?

That's why at Kyle Switch Plates we sell tons of white metal switch plates.

We have sturdy, steel covers that won't break and look great.

They're also pliable, so they're great for tightening down on uneven surfaces, which it turns out, most walls are.

Oversized white metal cover on kitchen subway tile.

Our metal plates are made in the USA and ship from our warehouse in Northern California within just 1-2 business days.

We have over 20 metal finishes (shop plates by finish here). The white and raw steel finishes can be painted to match or coordinate with your walls.

We carry over 500 sizes and configurations and there's no minimum order. On our site, you'll find options for standard size covers as well as oversized ones that cover extra space around the switch and outlet.

Shop Kyle Switch Plates to find the size you need.