Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Covering Switches When the Wall Cutout is Too Big

If too much sheetrock was cut out along your electrical box, you'll need an oversized switch plate to cover extra wall space around your switch or outlet.

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Sometimes, your situation is unique, and a typical oversized cover won't fix your switchplate problem.

It's good to know that blank fillers and switch plate cutout converter inserts can help you create a custom solution to a tricky electrical cover plate problem.

Here, for example, is a setup with 4 toggle switches mounted horizontally along the wall, with extra space cut out on both sides:

A regular or even oversized 4-toggle cover plate will not cover the hole in the wall around these switches.

But, you can go up to a larger cover - an oversized 6-toggle plate, and then fill the first and last toggle opening with a blank toggle light switch filler:

Then, the entire wall cutout will be covered by the plate, and the extra toggle openings will be filled.

This is an easy custom solution to a problem the homeowner had been living with for years. All parts were simply ordered online at Kyle Switch Plates.

Have a tricky situation with an electrical cover that's causing an eye-sore in your home? Contact Kyle Switch Plates to work out a solution. It's probably easier than you think!