Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Replacing a Nu-Tone Light Vent & Heat Switch Cover

If your bathroom has Nu-Tone switches for controlling the light, vent and heat, you may have trouble finding replacement covers when you renovate the room.

The first thing you need to know is that the shape of the light, vent and heat control switches are one type of "despard" switch.

Find links to replacement parts below:

Nu-Tone Switches

To replace these old Nu-Tone switches, you need to get Pass & Seymour 15A ACD1 switches (which comes in white, ivory and brown).

Mounting Straps

Since these switches are mounted in metal straps, if you don't have the old hardware, you'll need a new despard switch mounting strap to install the replacement ACD1 light, vent and heat switches.

Despard Switch Cover Plates

The correct replacement cover is this 3 Despard Switch Cover Plate (available in over 10 finishes).

Light, Vent, Heat Switch Labels

The new covers don't have "LIGHT", "VENT", and "HEAT" imprinted on them.

But you can order separate Nu-Tone switch labels that can be affixed to the side of the switches. They come with a strong adhesive so they can easily be added to one side of your new cover.

Don't neglect your old switches and covers when updating a bathroom. You'll love the fresh look.

Monday, December 11, 2017

New Replacement Covers for Old Vintage Outlets {A Photo Guide}

Your home may have vintage style outlets that have long since lost their covers.

Find pictures of old electrical outlets and links to brand new replacement covers below.

Guide to Replacing Vintage Outlet Covers In Your Home

1. T-slot duplex socket

These vintage 250v T-slot outlets fit standard duplex covers.
However, this device has been banned since the '60s because of its lack of a ground or neutral. Rather than adding a cover to this outdated outlet, you should update to a more modern 125V outlet.

2. Sierra Triplex Receptacle

This 3-plug receptacle is an old Sierra Triplex Outlet.
New triplex covers are available in white and ivory.
Note that devices darken over time, so a new cover won't be an exact match in finish to an old device like this one.

3. Triple Plug

Here's another example of a triplex outlet that is built into the cover plate.
These are no longer manufactured, so a modern update should be installed in its place.
An oversized cover may be required to cover the cutout in the wall.

4. Sierra Electric Square Simplex Outlet

Find new square simplex outlet covers for these vintage Sierra Electric plugs.

5. Sierra Despard Outlets

This small 2-prong sockets may share a plate with switches as shown below.
These are examples of despard devices, which fit despard covers sold here.

6. Despard Convenience Outlet

Here is a 3-prong despard outlet. Fits the same despard outlet cover plates as the Example #5 above.

Have another vintage style outlet not shown here?
Share a picture with us and let us help you find a replacement.

Odd Jacks in Older Homes

You may find some strange looking "plugs" in your home that are actually phone jacks, like the 2 examples shown below.

4-Prong Sierra Electric Phone Jack

Buy replacement covers for 4-prong Sierra jacks.

4-Prong Bell Systems Phone Jacks

Buy covers for Bell Systems 4 prong jacks.

Looking for vintage cover plates for other jacks or old switches?
Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Identifying and Replacing Old Switches, Jacks, Outlets & Covers.