Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Options for Adding Wall Tile or Trim Around Light Switches

There are so many ways to dress up your walls with decorative moulding.

It can be tricky to add wall tile or wainscot and plan around every light switch or wall outlet.

Here, we're sharing various approaches to incorporating electrical devices into trim or tile.

Ideally, when adding a piece of trim, you'll want to position it at a height that runs underneath the light switch cover.

In this home, moulding was added at the same height as the switches, and this is how the builder handled it:

Next, you can see the homeowner tried to plan out the spacing of the board and batten beams to steer clear of the light switch and outlet.

The moulding ended up so close that a shorter switch plate had to be used over the dimmer switch.

If you don't space batten beams properly, you can end up with an eye sore like this:

Here, another homeowner had to cut into the beams to fit the device covers.

Another solution when this happens is to add extra wood around the device, rather than cutting into the beams to make room.

Here, an entire wall of wainscot misses every wall plate:

As with trim, wall tile that ends underneath electrical devices is always ideal.

If wall tile can't be ended above or below a switch, a common solution is to add extra tile up and around the cover plate, as these next 3 pictures show.

Another solution is to raise the tile and keep it raised until it meets the door jamb:

In this bathroom, the trim tiles were cut to make room for the light switch cover:

If you've added moulding or tile to a wall and are having a hard time getting the cover plates to fit, find wall plate solutions at Kyle Switch Plates.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Recessed Power Outlets + HDMI Ports for Flat Screen TV's

Plug your flat screen TV into a power outlet that sits back into the wall with recessed receptacle wall plates.

Covers are available for recessing a socket, cable jack, HDMI port, or any keystone jack.

They work great behind a wall-mounted TV screen, computer monitor or speaker, and they're one of our top sellers at Kyle Switch Plates.

If all you need is a way to power your equipment, this recessed outlet works great:

You can get a recessed outlet with an HDMI port built in as well.

For homes that haven't yet cut the cable, this recessed cable jack can also come in handy:

This next option has the power outlet and a large hole for feeding A/V cables or cords through the wall:

You can create your own custom recessed cover by adding keystone jacks to the openings in this 2-port recessed box cover.

The covers shown here are just some of the examples of recessed jack and electric sockets for screens that will be hung up on a wall.

Shop all recessed switch plates to see more, including covers with built-in ethernet jacks, USB feed-through ports and other voice, data and A/V connectors.