Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Oak Leaf Switch Plates & Outlet Covers | Fall Decor

We've got pumpkins on our porches, spiderwebs in our windows, skeletons dangling in our trees, and witches cackling above cauldrons all throughout our neighborhoods.

Halloween is just a week away and I can tell that I'm not the only one getting carried away with my seasonal home decor this year.

Fall is in full swing and if you really want to up your decorating game, consider swapping out your light switch and outlet covers in a bathroom or kitchen.

We just love these gorgeous wall plates with Oak leaves that we handcraft right here in our studio at Kyle Switch Plates.

These covers are perfect if you plan to host any gatherings this Fall. So if you're hosting the family for Thanksgiving or having a group of pals over for a Friendsgiving dinner, these plates are for you.

Add them to your guest powder room to compliment your Fall hand towels, spiced candles and other Autumn-inspired bathroom decor.

It only takes a minute or two to remove your old cover and make a huge impact with fresh, new switchplates embellished with decorative leaves. Choose silver, brass, gold or copper leaves on top of a variety of switch plate finishes.

Lots of wall plate configurations available. Shop all of Kyle's handcrafted decorative wall plates for more designs.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

How to Label Your Light Switches - 3 Simple Solutions

Honestly, there are spots in my home where there are only 2 switches side-by-side, and after 8 years I still get them mixed up.

Doesn't seem possible, but there's a few spots that just really trip me up. Still.

Recently, I was out and about when I came across this:

Why had it never occurred to me before to just label those tricky light switches?

Well, obviously I don't want to throw masking tape up on my wall and ruin the ambiance in my home.

And I'm guessing you don't want to either.

Here are 3 ways to label your light switches (and keep them looking nice).

1. Engraved Light Switch Tags

Label your ceiling fan, garbage disposal or other switch with a personalized wall plate label tag.

These custom engraved switch plate labels are available in silver and gold and can be labeled with up to 22 characters in your choice of 3 fonts.

They come with a strong adhesive backing - just peel and stick to any smooth cover plate.

If you need more than 22 characters to label a switch, you can get larger wall plate labels here.

2. Switch Plate Label Packs

These light switch labels are sold in sets and come with all kinds of useful identifications for your switches.

Label ON vs OFF or INSIDE vs OUTSIDE lights. Label your basement, pool, porch, hall, etc.

They can held in place by the plate's screws, and if you ever change the cover plate, you can still use the label.

They come with adhesive tape to help hold them in place. Simply don't peel the backing off the tape if you'd like them to be reusable.

To install, remove the screw above or below the switch you'd like labeled, position the tag over the screw hole, and re-attach the screw.

These label packs are available in silver, gold, brass and copper.

3. Custom Printed or Engraved Switch Plates

For a really professional look, wall plates can be special-ordered with engraved or silkscreen printed labels.

These plates are labeled by the plate manufacturer, and take about 6 weeks to be produced.

This is the most expensive way to label your plates, so we recommend this method only if you need a large quantity, such as for a hospital, school or business.

Learn more about the differences between engraving and screen printing & how to order custom plates here.