Monday, April 18, 2016

3 Best Graduation Gifts for Electrical Engineers

Not sure what to get them when the graduate this May? Here are 3 distinctive gift ideas for electrical engineering students.

1. Creative Cash Bulb

After shelling out 4 years of tuition, most college students feel pretty broke. That's why the gift of money is not only a popular choice, but an appreciated one come graduation day.

Instead of handing over a card with a hundred dollar bill or check inside, get creative! We are loving this crafty idea from Lexie Sachs at Good Housekeeping:

Money tucked inside a light bulb jar is a creative way to gift graduation cash to an electrical engineer. The gift tag that reads "Here's to your bright future!" is the perfect finishing touch.

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2. Professional Business Card Case

Help your son or daughter network once they land their first job out of college with a light bulb business card holder or card case for electrical engineers. Tucking some graduation cash inside will ensure it's extra appreciated!

 light bulb electrician business card holder grad gift

 card case for electrical engineers

These unique networking card holders for electricians can be engraved with their name and grad year and are crafted just for you with custom colors. Add their school colors or just choose a favorite hue.

3. Engraved Tape Measure

Another useful gift for an electrical engineering graduate is a personalized tape measure. These cool pocket sized measuring tapes are Zippo brand and come embellished with an electrical circuit design:

 engraved electrical engineering tape measure

The best graduation gifts for electrical engineers are ones that incorporate an electricity theme. That's why we're sure a light bulb full of cash, networking card case or travel tape measure will be a big hit at your son, nephew or grandson's grad party.

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Have other creative ideas? We'd love to hear them!