Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Metal Key & Mail Holder Switch Plate Hooks

Whether you live in an apartment, have little wall space, or simply don't want to damage your walls - switch plate hooks are the ideal solution for keeping track of car keys, outgoing mail and work ID badges.

Add a switch plate hook or two to the light switch right by your front door and you'll easily be able find your keys and remember to put your bills in the mailbox.

You can even create a cell-phone charging station by adding your mobile's charger to an outlet and resting your phone on a couple of wall place hooks.

Removable, damage-free mail and key holder hooks.

No drilling, hammering or hardware required.

Hooks are simple to install - just unscrew a bottom screw on your light switch cover, then attach the hook using the switchplate's screw.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Stainless Steel vs Nickel Plates - The Difference

Choosing coordinating granite, tile and paint colors is tricky. In fact, much tricker than I thought when I recently updated my builder-grade kitchen. Costly mistakes were made. *Sigh*

Finding the right updated light switches & cover plates is an unexpected part of most remodel projects. And it's something most homeowners only think of as an afterthought.

Getting a perfect match to your marble, tile, wallpaper or paint isn't likely. But there are lots of finishes to choose from, so with a little bit of effort, you can find switches, outlets and covers that blend with your fresh new color palette.

One of the most popular finishes for kitchens is stainless steel. Many customers want to coordinate with stainless steel fridges, ovens and other kitchen appliances.

We always recommend our residential grade stainless steel faceplates for rooms in which you're trying to match appliances with a satin stainless finish.

Stainless switch & outlet covers are neutral, and don't pull toward any particular color like nickel plates do. Here you can see that nickel switchplates have a yellow tone in comparison to stainless steel:

Note that you can't get actual light switches in stainless, but you can use white, gray, black, red or ivory switches with stainless plates.

A customer emailed us this week to share a picture of her white electrical devices with an oversized stainless steel plate on white mosaic tile:

Pretty fabulous, huh?

Shop stainless steel switch plates in every size and get $6.95 flat-rate shipping. And please send us pictures when you have them installed! 

We'd love to see how our plates have improved your living space.