Thursday, November 12, 2015

Get Your Outlet to Sit Flush With the Wall in 1 Easy Step

If you've done any remodeling to your home, you've probably run into this common problem:
"My outlet box sits too far back in the wall!"

When you add board and batten, wainscoting (shown above), panelling, a tile or granite backsplash or any other surface to your walls, your electrical box will no longer sit flush with the wall's surface, but will instead be recessed into the wall (where it's always been).

The good news is, there's a quick an easy fix to this problem!

Add what's called a Goof Ring to your electrical box. It's a cheap plastic sleeve that slides into your electric box. It rests between your electrical box and device and the front tabs sit on your outermost surface.

Here's what it looks like installed in a kitchen with a new granite backsplash:

It can adjust the depth of your device up to 1.5" which is plenty for pulling an electrical outlet or switch out to sit flush on your pretty new surface.

These rings are UL listed and are the safest way to bring your outlet out from your electrical box so it sits firmly where you need it.

Have the opposite problem?

Another problem DIYers encounter is when the electrical box & outlet protrude from the wall. This happens after you remove existing paneling or other decorative surfaces from your walls. Then, the electrical box is left sticking out from the drywall or sheetrock.

If that's the case, simply add some deep cover plates.

You know how a normal switch plate has a beveled edge that bends back to meet the wall? Deep switch plates simply have a deeper bevel so the plate can reach even further back to meet your wall without leaving a gap.

So, whichever problem you encounter, there's an easy fix at Kyle Switch Plates.