Monday, September 23, 2013

Larger Switch Plates Cover More Wall Space

A year ago we got a dog. Because we rescued her from the pound, we weren't sure exactly what breeds she had mixed in her, but we were told she'd get big. Very big. At the time, we had a small dog door which we knew she'd soon outgrow. To me, aesthetics are very important, so not just any dog door would do. After lots of research, we purchased what I considered to be the best (and best looking) dog door in the market. That was the easy part.

Next came the 2-day installation process and the worst mess the interior of my home has ever seen. In the early stages, while the guys were still mapping out their plan of attack, they discovered an unused outlet that was just sitting inside the wall. The previous home owners must have stashed it in there when they installed the original dog door. After I selected the perfect spot for this new outlet to be installed, they went a little nuts with the saw and I ended up with a hole in my wall that the outlet cover didn't cover. Thanks a lot guys!

Throughout the tedious installation process (in which a lot of things went wrong), this oversize hole in my wall was the easiest issue to fix. Turns out, even professionals make this mistake. A lot more often than you'd think. So, all it took was one extra large outlet cover and that little eye sore was gone.

In the end, the dog door turned out great. Especially after we built a frame to go around it.

Whatever the story behind the extra large hole in your wall, quickly find the solution with oversized wall plates at Kyle Switch Plates. You'll find a ton of different configurations of larger sized switch plates in an impressive selection of finishes. All quality switch plates made right here in the USA.


  1. Hi;
    I would like to order your doggy door cover.How can I get one? thanks

  2. Hi!

    The dog door can be ordered online but the white frame around it was custom built.

    Here's the dog door - Freedom Pet Pass:

    And here's a blog post about installation of the entire project: