Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Replace Rotary Dimmer Knobs & Find Cover Plates

Searching for replacement dimmer knobs?

You may have an old dimmer knob that broke.

Or maybe you're updating the look of your home and the old yellowed knob has to go.

A trip to the hardware store may have revealed that your dimmer has a different stem style than the knobs they carry and so you're having trouble finding a replacement knob.

Kyle Switch Plates carries every dimmer knob style in over 15 colors in our online store.

First, you just need to flip over your old knob or take a look at the stem that's sticking out of your wall and identify your stem type.
You'll either need
-GE / Pass & Seymour (the current GE replacement)

Once you have your stem style narrowed down, you can select a color and easily buy replacement dimmer knobs here.

Did you know that rotary dimmers don't require a special switch plate opening? They fit right into the slot on a toggle switch plate and the knob is large enough to cover the entire opening.

You can shop toggle switch plates for rotary dimmers in 17 finishes or find the perfect combination cover plate at Kyle Switch Plates.

 replacement rotary dimmer knobs

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