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Identify & Replace Parts in a Low Voltage Lighting System

If your home's light switches look different from mainstream ones, and your house was built in the 1950's, '60s, '70s or early '80s, you probably have low voltage lighting in your home.

It can be difficult to replace your switches if they break. Or, if you repaint your walls and an old cover (or all of them!) gets thrown out, you might be finding it quite difficult to find a replacement.

The bad news is: low voltage lighting parts are rare.

The good news is: Kyle Switch Plates specializes in low voltage parts & has free wiring guides (with purchase) to help with replacing your old parts.

If you already know what brand your system is - Shop Low Voltage Lighting Parts at Kyle Switch Plates.

If you need relays, light switches or cover plates for your low voltage system, use this photo guide to identify your system's brand so we can direct you to the correct replacements (see links below).

Pay attention to the style of the switches themselves, as these are just examples of layouts - you might have only 1 or 2 switches in a plate where we show 3. But, as long as you can identify the brand of the switch, you'll know how to find the right replacement.

Once you identify your system from the image here, find the info below to get replacement parts.

#1. GE:
Model number: RFS-3, RFS-6 or RFS-9.
These old style of switches have been discontinued. New switches are available here. They will require new GE plates.
If your switches are working and you simply need new plates, get replacement GE plates here.

#2. GE:
Model number: RS2-32, RS2-37 or RS2-39
These are the current style of GE switches & plates. Get replacements here.

#3 GE:
Model number: RS2-32, RS2-37 or RS2-39
These are the currently manufactured GE switches in bracket mount plates. This style of switch and plate requires mounting straps (old ones cannot be used as the sizes are different).

#4 GE:
Model number: RTS-5
Replace this style of old GE switch with a new Pass & Seymour Despard Momentary Switch (model 1091) and despard cover plate.

#5 GE:
Model number: RTS-6
Options for replacements same as #4 above.

#6 GE:
Model number: RCS
Switches have been discontinued. Replacement RCS plates are available here.

#7 GE
Model Number: RFS Decorator
Kyle Switch Plates carries 1-gang and 2-gang replacement covers for this style of switch. Larger gang covers are not available at this time.

#8 Bryant:
Model number: Unknown
The direct replacement for Bryant systems - relays, plats & low volt switches - is GE. Replace Bryant parts with GE here.

#9 Sierra:
Model number: Unknown
Old Sierra switches can be replaced with Pass & Seymour 1091 Despard Light Switches. You'll find a variety of despard plate configurations are available as well.

#10 Remcon:
Model number: Any
Regardless of the style or part number of your Remcon light switch, the best replacement is Touch Plate.
The only tricky part is that every 1 Remcon switch will be replaced with 2 Touch Plate buttons (a separate "on" and "off", rather than a single switch with 2 ends to press "on" and "off).
Remcon relays are still manufactured and available here. The Remcon brand relays are the correct ones to operate your current Remcon and new Touch Plate low voltage switches.

#11 Pyramid:
Model number: Any
All Pyramid parts have been discontinued. Update broken relays with Remcon relays and non-functioning Pyramid switches with Touch Plate units.
The tricky things to remember: every Pyramid switch will be replaced with 2 individual Touch Plate buttons (a separate "on" and "off", rather than a single switch).
To replace the 5 Pyramid switches & cover shown, you'd need a 10 button Touch Plate unit.

#12 Touch Plate:
Model number: 5000 Series; 500S1, 500S2, 500S3
The Low Voltage 5000 Series from Touch Plate is currently manufactured in white, almond and ivory. Get parts with 1, 2 or 3 buttons.

#13 Touch Plate:
Model number: MTL Frame Series
Replace with any switches in Touch Plate's low voltage line.

#14 Touch Plate:
Model number: Genesis, GEN-1B, GEN-2B, GEN-3B
Get units with 1-3 buttons when you buy new Touch Plate Genesis parts.

#15 Touch Plate:
Model number: Classic, CLA-4B-0L, CLA-6B-0L, CLA-8B-0L, CLA-12B-0L, CLA-4B-4L, CLA-6B-6L, CLA-8B-8L, CLA-12B-12L
Get regular and LED lit Touch Plate Classic control stations in white, black, almond and ivory at Kyle Switch Plates.

#16 Touch Plate:
Model number: Ultra, ULTS1
Get new Ultra Line Units (with or without screwless Ultra covers). Ultra series switches fit standard rocker plates as well.

#17 Touch Plate:
Model number: Mystique, MYS-1B-0L, MYS-1B-1L, MYS-2B-2L, MYS-2B-0L, MYS-3B-3L, MYS-3B-0L, MYS-4B-4L, MYS-4B-0L, MYS-8B-8L, MYS-8B-0L
Touch Plate Mystique switches can be purchased here (just scroll beyond the Classic Series units).

#18 LiteTouch:
Model number: Any
There are no current replacements for the discontinued line of low voltage lighting.

#19 GE:
Model number: RMS-2A
This control dial from General Electric is no longer available. To get the same functionality you can update to an 8-button control station which can be labeled and filled with new General Electric low voltage switches.
For up to 12 switches, your new control unit can be created with new GE switches and a 12-switch cover plate.

#20 GE:
Model number: RMS-4A
This is another version of the control dial shown in image #19. Follow the same replacement parts to update the RMS-4A from General Electric, which is discontinued.

For even more detailed descriptions of each of these low voltage systems from GE, Bryant, Pyramid, Touch Plate, Remcon & Sierra, see Kyle Switch Plates' Complete Guide to Identifying Old Low Voltage Parts here.

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