Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Recessed Power Outlets + HDMI Ports for Flat Screen TV's

Plug your flat screen TV into a power outlet that sits back into the wall with recessed receptacle wall plates.

Covers are available for recessing a socket, cable jack, HDMI port, or any keystone jack.

They work great behind a wall-mounted TV screen, computer monitor or speaker, and they're one of our top sellers at Kyle Switch Plates.

If all you need is a way to power your equipment, this recessed outlet works great:

You can get a recessed outlet with an HDMI port built in as well.

For homes that haven't yet cut the cable, this recessed cable jack can also come in handy:

This next option has the power outlet and a large hole for feeding A/V cables or cords through the wall:

You can create your own custom recessed cover by adding keystone jacks to the openings in this 2-port recessed box cover.

The covers shown here are just some of the examples of recessed jack and electric sockets for screens that will be hung up on a wall.

Shop all recessed switch plates to see more, including covers with built-in ethernet jacks, USB feed-through ports and other voice, data and A/V connectors.

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