Thursday, May 15, 2014

Are Metal Switch Plates Really Better than Plastic Ones?

Metal Switch Plates are Better than Plastic Ones

People often ask what the difference is between a metal plate and a plastic one, and I can hear the hesitation in their voice as they question ordering a replacement plate that's metal.

You've been surrounded by plastic switch plates your whole life, but probably haven't given them much thought. Most people don't until they decide to update the look of their home - either adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls or doing a kitchen remodel.

One of the first steps when painting a room or remodeling your space is removing all the face plates from the walls. It generally isn't until you reach one of the final steps - putting those cover plates back up - that you notice how dingy your plates are. How did I not notice this before? you wonder. They may be dirty or discolored and if you're like me, you've managed to crack one when screwing in the screw too tight.

When replacing your switch plate - whether it's a single one or you're revamping an entire room - it's always better to go with a metal one.

Benefits of Metal Switch Plates

  • Metal plates are sturdier. You're not going to crack the plate because you've screwed a screw in too tight. They won't bow or warp over time either.
  • Metal switch plates never discolor. Quality metal plates, like we sell at Kyle Switch Plates, are going to last. Even if they see a lot of sunlight from a nearby window, they are not going to yellow over time the way plastic ones will.
  • Metal face plates are a better value. Since they won't crack, break or discolor, you'll never have to replace them, so they'll save you money in the long run.
  • Metal covers come in more sizes. You will find more configurations and sizes available in metal plates than you will in plastic ones. That's why so many of our customers ask about the difference - they need a plate they can't find in plastic and want to be sure it will not stand out among their old plates (they won't).
  • Bigger selection of finishes. Whether you're looking to match your stainless steel appliances or you want to add appeal with polished brass or oil rubbed bronze, you'll find 20 finishes at Kyle Switch Plates.
  • They're paintable. Although we do carry a huge selection of finishes, there are some circumstances in which a plate needs to be painted to achieve the desired results. See our Tips for Painting Switch Plates to learn how.
  • They're green. Well, not in color, but our metal switch plates are made of steel, bronze, copper or brass and can be recycled when no longer needed.
  • They're perfectly safe. Most Kyle Switch Plates cover plates are UL approved - a testament to their safety.
  • Metal switch plates are more attractive. They're weightier and their surface quality stands out.
So if you're replacing your switch plates, consider ditching the cheap plastic ones and upgrading your look to metal. The metal plates really are a lot better than the plastic ones. And if you only need 1 plate in a configuration you can't find anywhere else, replacing just that plate with a metal one is OK - besides holding it in your hand or tapping it with your finger, you're probably not going to notice the difference.

Shop quality metal switch plates at Kyle Switch Plates.

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