Thursday, May 29, 2014

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel Faster with This Essential Tip

shop switch plates & outlet covers

You've selected the tile floor, the granite counters, the perfect wood cabinets and a fabulous backsplash. You may have purchased all new stainless steel appliances to match your new high-end look. From the moment you decided to do your kitchen remodel you've been anticipating the end results - the feeling of walking into your kitchen every morning and loving it. Am I right?

But, there's a good chance you left one essential item of your to-do list - new switch plates. It's so easy to overlook this detail. After all, before the remodel there were white plates on white walls or plain tile. But now, against the gorgeous grain of your new granite countertops and rich tile backsplash, those white switches, outlets and cover plates stick out. And they're awful!

New Switches, Outlets and Cover Plates will Complete Your Kitchen Remodel

You can easily avoid this disappointment by planning ahead and purchasing matching devices and wall plates in advance. That way, you won't have to live an extra week or so with the old tacky plates in place once the rest of your kitchen is complete.

If you head down to your local hardware store you may find that their selection is limited. The best way to find all the parts you need is to shop Kyle Switch Plates - your order will ship out in 1-2 business days (sometimes even the same day) and the flat-rate shipping means you can order as much as you want without outrageous shipping costs.

At Kyle Switch Plates, you'll find outlets and switches in a vast array of colors - including black, ivory and gray which are popular in kitchens. You can also order switch plates and outlet covers in 17 different finishes - stainless steel, black, oil rubbed bronze, brass and more. We keep everything in stock and ready to ship from our Livermore, California warehouse.

If your newly renovated kitchen has stainless steel appliances, you'll love the look of gray switches with stainless steel plates. If your new granite counters have a lot of black, deep brown and tan shades, you can go with black switches and faceplates or do brown switches and outlets with either brown or dark bronze cover plates. Play around with different finishes to find the look that appeals to you.

Don't forget to budget for new switch plates!

When budgeting for your project, take into consideration how your old switches and faceplates will look with your new color scheme. A single switch or cover plate isn't expensive, but it can add up when you're re-doing an entire room. Determine what color will work best in your kitchen, and calculate the cost of ordering replacement electrical devices and covers. See our post on Replacing Switch Plates for a handy printout that will help you avoid order mistakes. We just hate to see when someone forgets 1 plate or outlet and has to wait for a 2nd order to arrive.

Shop Kyle Switch Plates to order new switchplates and matching switches and outlets for your kitchen. It will be the perfect finishing touch on your project - we guarantee it.

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