Friday, August 8, 2014

Narrow Switch Plates for Tight Spaces

Narrow Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

If you've nearly completed your kitchen, bathroom or other remodel project and you're just now discovering your switch plate covers won't fit in their new space, you're not alone. We get calls almost daily from people who carefully planned out the placement of their outlets and switches, but forgot to consider the space the wall plates take up around those devices.

That's right - the number 1 mistake people make when remodeling their home is failure to consider the space a switch plate takes up around their switches, outlets and other electrical devices.

Sometimes it's a corner the plates run into, other times it's a window frame, mantle or cabinet. Your first thought may be that you need to rip out your freshly laid tile or sheetrock, or create a new location for the switches. Or, you may head to the hardware store to find some narrow switch plates. That trip will probably lead to a google search, which may have landed you here.

Although hard to find, thin or narrow wall plates do exist and Kyle Switch Plates stocks a variety of sizes in various finishes to help you complete your home's project. Find narrow toggle, Decora rocker, duplex outlet, phone, cable jack covers and more.

The number 1 question customers ask is, "Do you carry narrow electrical boxes?".

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a narrow electrical box.

Some people use a standard electrical box to mount their devices, and then slightly cover the box's edges with tile or whatever they're installing in this tricky space. Then, they use the skinny face plate to fit where they need it to. However, this may not be up to code and is something we don't recommend until you've checked with an electrician in your area.

If you need a narrow switch plate for another purpose, such as on top of a desk or fireplace mantle, Kyle Switch Plates has the perfect plates for you.

Shop narrow switch plates and outlet covers.

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