Thursday, June 12, 2014

Your Complete Guide to Low Voltage Lighting {Found in Older Homes}

If you have an older home (built 1940s-1980s) and have not been able to find light switches and switch covers that match what you have, you may have low voltage lighting. You may have had the unfortunate experience of an electrician taking a look at your wiring and scratching his head because he's never seen this before. Yikes!

Whether you're fixing up an older home to put it on the market or you're just tired of certain switches not working, you're in the right place.

Your Guide to Buying Replacement Parts for Low Voltage Lighting Systems in Older Homes

The good news is, no matter what type of old system you have, there are compatible replacement switches, relays, transformers and cover plates which can be ordered online at Kyle Switch Plates.

Step 1 - Determine the Brand of Your Low Voltage System

The first step in replacing any broken switches, relays or other low voltage lighting parts is to identify what brand your system is. Take a look at this image to determine which brand is yours:

Your switches and plate may be installed horizontally instead of vertically, but take a close look at the switches and see what looks familiar. Note that in the first square the center switch is different. That switch was manufactured by both GE and Bryant, so you may have a Bryant system. If so, GE is the compatible replacement.

Step 2 - Determine Which Parts Need Replacement

Determine what's not working in your system. Is a switch stuck or broken? Has a relay gone out? If certain lights aren't working, the best way to determine whether it's due to a broken relay or broken switch is to take a switch you do know is working from another location in your home and wire it into the spot where the light isn't functioning. If the light now works, you had a broken switch. If it doesn't, you'll need a new relay.

Step 3 - Determine Your Options for Replacement Parts

Like I said before, many of the parts pictured above have been discontinued. Some entire brands are no longer available. Kyle Switch Plates sells replacement parts for all of the above systems, and the options vary between systems. I suggest you use the links below to read further information about (and find replacement parts for) each of the above systems. If you're looking for something not pictured above, you'll find more pictures at each of these links which may help you identify what you have.

GE Low Voltage Lighting Info

Bryant Low Voltage Lighting Info

Remcon Low Voltage Lighting Info

Touch Plate Low Voltage Lighting Info

Sierra Low Voltage Lighting Info

Pyramid Low Voltage Lighting Info

If, after reading all the information at each of the above links, you're still unsure about what you have, you can snap a picture of your switches (preferably still mounted in the wall - with or without a cover plate) and send them to Kyle Switch Plates. Call 1-800-551-5953 to obtain an email address. Then, we can take a look at what you have and talk to you about your replacement options.

Step 4 - Order Replacement Parts for Low Voltage Lighting Systems

GE Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Bryant Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Remcon Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Touch Plate Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Sierra Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Pyramid Low Voltage Lighting Parts

Brand new replacement relays, transformers, switches and switch plates can be found at the above links. The replacement options can be a little overwhelming, so if you need reassurance that you're ordering the right parts, or prefer to place your order over the phone, call Kyle Switch Plates at 1-800-551-5953 Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 5:00pm PT.

About Kyle Switch Plates

At Kyle Switch Plates, we specialize in hard-to-find switch plates and outlet covers. We carry quality, metal switch plates and electrical devices, which we stock in our Livermore, California warehouse. You can find gorgeous wall plates in 17 finishes as well as decorative switch plates that feature Kyle's unique etched metal designs (available in polished gold, silver, copper and brass).

We get several calls every day from people who need to replace their broken low voltage light switches with currently manufactured parts. We ship out tons of low voltage switches and cover plates every day. If you're having trouble finding the right parts for your system, we'd love to help you out. Visit our site at and click on "Low Voltage" in the menu bar, or give us a call (1-800-551-5953) and let us get you set up with the right replacement parts for your home.


  1. Can you help me find some parts for my GE system? I could send a photo.

  2. Absolutely!

    Please send your contact info and a picture to and we can email you back with links to what you need or call you to discuss.

    We look forward to helping you get what you need!

    Thanks for reaching out!