Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Replacing Your NuTone Door Bell Intercom Cover

If your home has an old door bell with a bulky NuTone intercom speaker, you no longer use it, and you don't want to look at it anymore, you're in the right place.

vintage door bell intercom speaker cover up

We received so many calls about covering up old NuTone door bell intercom speakers, Kyle created a custom cover plate as a solution.

Intercom covers are 7.5" x 5.5" with screw holes spaced 4.5" center-to-center. This is a custom measurement created to fit NuTone brand speakers (as shown in image above). They're made in the USA out of .050" thick aluminum, and have been a best seller since we introduced them last Fall.

Buy a blank cover plate for a vintage NuTone intercom here.

To remove an in-wall intercom speaker that has screws on the left and right sides, rather than positioned top-bottom as shown above, here is a blank intercom cover.

Measuring for Your Replacement Nutone Cover

First, remove your intercom cover from the wall.

Then, measure the width and length of the area that needs to be covered (including any damaged wall around the metal frame).

Finally, measure the distance of the screw holes. Note that the correct way to measure distance between screws is from the centers of the screw holes.

This particular intercom speaker needed a 7.5" H x 5.5" W cover with screws spaced 3.75" apart (center to center). That cover can be purchased here.

Shop all doorbell and intercom cover plates here.

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