Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fix Gap Behind Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

Have a gap between your switch plate and the wall?

If you've removed wall paneling, have an electrical box that sticks out from your wall, or if you've replaced an old outlet with a bulky new receptacle, you may have a gap that exists between the cover and wall.

There are 2 ways to fill a gap behind a cover plate.

  1. Get a cover with a deeper edge.
  2. Add a filler between the plate and the wall.

Options are detailed below for fixing gaps in 4 sizes:

  • 1/16"
  • 1/8" (there are 3 solutions for a 1/8" gap)
  • 1/4"
  • 1/2"

FIX A 1/16" GAP:

Certain Deep Plates - Toggle, Duplex, Horizontal Toggles, Combination

Recommended for 1/16" Gap

If you have a very slight gap of 1/16" behind a cover for toggles, duplex outlets or a combination of toggle and duplex/horizontal toggles, use deep plates with a 5/16" edge bevel.

FIX A 1/8" GAP:

Add a 1/8" Depth Ring Behind Cover Plate

Recommended for 1/8" Gap

If you have a gap that's 1/8" and you'd like to keep your current switch plate, you can get a gap filler to sit between your cover and the wall.

These depth rings fill a 1/8" gap nicely, and are simple to install. Sizes from 1-5 gangs, standard, oversized & specialty sizes.

Get them at Kyle Switch Plates - search "EXDR".

Place an Extender Ring Behind Wall Plate

Recommended for 1/8" Gap & Wall Damage

If there's any wall damage around the electrical box that isn't covered by your current switchplate, you can fix a 1/8" gap and expand the wall coverage with a depth extender ring.

Note these only come in white and will be visible behind a standard cover.

Get them at Kyle Switch Plates - search "OVC".

Get a Deep Cover Plate

Recommended for 1/8" Gap

If you aren't particularly attached to your old cover, you can simply toss it and
replace it with a deep plate.

Deep plates have a larger bevel on the edges, so they reach back around your electrical box to meet the wall.

Standard covers have a 5/32" bevel, while deep plates have twice as much bevel: 5/16".

Deep rocker plates will fix a 1/8" gap.

There are many sizes - shop deep plates here.

FIX A 1/4" GAP:

Electrical Box Extenders for 1/4" Gap

Recommended for 1/4" Gap

Plastic electrical box extenders sit underneath your switch plate and fill a gap of 1/4".

They are single-gang only (for 1 device) and come in white, ivory or brown.

If your issue isn't a protruding wall box, but instead a bulky device, these extenders will lift your device 3/4" forward & out of the electrical box.

Get them at Kyle Switch Plates - search "6197".

Deep Blank Plates for Empty Electrical Boxes

Recommended for 1/4" Gap

Cover .25" of an exposed electrical box that has no devices with a deep blank wall plate. Also available for empty double-gang boxes.

FIX A 1/2" GAP:

Buy an Extra Deep Cover

Recommended for 1/2" Gap

For electrical devices that really stick out from the wall, an extra deep wall plate will do the job.

These deepest covers fix a gap up to 1/2".

Finishes are limited (white & stainless steel only), but if you have to fill a gap that's nearly half an inch, this is your best bet.

Single-gang only. Get them at Kyle Switch Plates - search "DP" or "extra deep".


Spacers can be used to adjust your electrical devices.

Combine spacers with the solutions above if you're still having issues getting the right fit.

These little green rubbery things go underneath your switch or outlet (between the device and the electrical box) to lift devices up (in increments of 1/8").

If a deeper cover plate is too deep for your situation (resulting in sunken electrical devices that don't reach the cover plate snugly) simply stack as many spacers under the devices as necessary to pull them up where you need them.

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