Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dark Bronze Wall Plates for a Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Use nickel devices with dark bronze wall plates to finish up your kitchen renovation project.

My kitchen recently went through an overhaul with freshly painted off-white cabinets, new granite countertops and a gray tile backsplash.

Just for fun, here's the before shot:

Big difference!

I wanted nickel switches and outlets but didn't like the way the matching nickel wall plates looked on our freshly installed subway tiles.

After trying a few different wall plate finishes that just weren't working, I went out on a limb and tried these dark bronze covers. Right away I knew they were the perfect choice. Thankfully, my husband agreed.

One of the best decisions we made was to install a USB charging outlet in place of one of the standard kitchen receptacles.

We use the USB ports on this handy outlet to charge our phones, wireless headphones and gym heart-rate monitors all the time.

We keep extra charging cables in a drawer below and it's super handy when we have parties and guests ask if we have an extra phone charger lying around they can borrow.

The tile installers didn't do a great job cutting the tile around the electrical boxes. We originally planned to go with oversized covers, but just didn't like the large scale of the big switch plates in our small kitchen.

We had to tighten the cover plates down pretty hard to conceal imperfections, and these metal dark bronze switchplates are so sturdy! We didn't have to worry about over-tightening the screws and cracking the covers.

If you're looking to install Pass & Seymour metallic nickel switches and outlets on gray or silver tile, consider pairing them with contrasting wall plates instead of the matching Pass & Seymour covers. You may just like what you find. We sure did!

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